Azul de Rosa Brisa Babado de Biquíni Top e Biquíni Top Salinas A8Y0vx0qtw Azul de Rosa Brisa Babado de Biquíni Top e Biquíni Top Salinas A8Y0vx0qtw Azul de Rosa Brisa Babado de Biquíni Top e Biquíni Top Salinas A8Y0vx0qtw

Azul de Rosa Brisa Babado de Biquíni Top e Biquíni Top Salinas A8Y0vx0qtw


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$5Babado Salinas de Biquíni Brisa de Biquíni Top e Top Azul Rosa USD/30 minutos
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$1USD/30 minutos
Rosa de Babado Brisa de Top Biquíni e Azul Top Biquíni Salinas
Amanda Treutler
Ensina: Francês, Inglês
Hello! My name is Amanda. I am a native English speaker from the Midwest region of the United States. I have experience teaching English as a second language to young children, adolescents, and adults of all skill levels. I earned my Bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University in the study of French Language, Literature, and Culture. While earning this degree, I spent a semester studying abroad in France. This started my lifelong love of travel! I earned my Master’s degree from Northeastern Illinois University in the study of Linguistics in 2015. Last year, I lived in France where I was teaching English at two middle schools. During this time, I also worked as a private English tutor for children and adults. I received my TEFL certification in 2016 and became a certified IELTS trainer in 2017. I can help you practice your English communication skills. We can have a fun conversation and you can practice your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. I’m knowledgeable in many areas of foreign language acquisition and Linguistics, and I can offer specific guidance in helping you on your journey to English fluency. I have a specific ability to notice errors in grammar, sentence structure, and pronunciation. If you’d like to have a more general conversation, we can talk about any topic you’d like! I love to travel – I have visited 46 countries so far, and I hope to visit 50 countries before I turn 30. I also love to read – I challenged myself to read over 100 books last year. I love to meet and talk to new people and I’d love to chat with you!
$10USD/30 minutos
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O Top de Biquíni Salinas Babado Brisa aposta na delicadeza de tons pastel para pontuar um design cheio de estilo. Um biquíni Salinas para se destacar no verão, em um dia de praia ou piscina.

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